Yoga & Pilates & Hot Yoga, OH MY!!!


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Class Descriptions

Beginners - Level I

Recommended for those who are new to the practice or anyone looking to slow down!  Come and learn asanas (poses), proper alignment and technique.  This is a slow paced class, using yoga postures to calm the body and mind.

Restorative - Level I

This class is a beautiful combination of vinyasa, restorative, and pranayama (breath work). It is a slow paced class suitable for all levels who are interested in practicing the art of relaxation and stillness through body, mind, and spirit. In this class you will ease into each asana (yoga posture) through proper joint and mobility preparation before settling into yoga postures held anywhere from 1 minute to 15.

Stretch - Level I - III

This class includes a variety stretches and minimal standing poses. Classes can focus on heart and chest openers, hip openers, lower body stretches or full body. For those looking to increase flexibility and range of motion through a mindful movement practice.

Flow -  Level II-III

Our yoga flows include standing, balancing and strength building poses.  Each class provides a different focus and instructors may teach in whichever style they feel suits the group best.  You may follow a speedy vinyasa flow one day then a much slower hatha series the next.

(Vinyasa means to coordinate the movement from one asana to the next with your breath.  

Hatha sequences do not require the asanas to be directly connected to a single breath, so poses may last longer allowing you to sink deeper into them.)

Intro to Ashtanga (1hr) - Level I-II

Introduction to the Ashtanga Primary Series.  This is a guided class through a very specific sequence meant to challenging and energetic.  No previous Ashtanga experience is necessary.  

Pilates - Level I-III

Pilates has become a popular form of exercise used for rehabilitation, core strengthening, improved balance and reducing stress levels.  This 60 minute class is an excellent workout for improving posture, stretching, and working on muscle control and precision. Pilates is known to increase proprioceptive awareness of the body, which helps to maintain posture and reduce the likelihood of injury.

It’s getting HOT in here! 

HOT Yoga is done at about 104 degrees Fahrenheit  ~ WARM Yoga is a great intro to hot at 80-90 degrees.  
The heat allows you to stretch a little bit deeper than in a regular room.
*bring a towel and water bottle.*

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